How to be a perfect fool

July 6, 2007 § 5 Comments

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To practice foolishness (controlled folly), we can use 5 simulation game roleplaying ingredients. Masking, avoiding confrontation, holding ignorance, and dominating.

Of course we know that any effort to control the nature of things is ultimately useless!

1. Mask your authority: Ignore an event or a key, then freeze being absolutely surprised when its effects upset your life, then blame the energy.

2. Do not confront: Expect energy, wait for it, surrender yourself to it, then quit or walk away. Don’t forget to mention “I told you so”.

3. Do not deal with reality as it is: instead, question your skills, knowledge and abilities. Throw lots of doubt in the water, and only pay attention to what reality should be like.

4. Push the energy: make it harder, not easier. After all, it can only be worth something if you have to fight for it. Enjoy battle, not life! At least it is not boring …

5. Accept challenges in the flow: Use the above foolishness consciously for practicing your controlled folly in congruence.

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