The theory behind improving productivity by “changing things” is based on the fact that change has a direct and powerful impact on people in corporations, companies and communities.

From a conceptual perspective,  it is easy to understand that change affects us in many ways, both physically and psychologically. However, many people struggle to separate anecdotal stories about such benefits from reliable and proven methods, techniques and opportunities.

No silver bullets. Sorry. Our services are based on actual and successful change management experiences, with simple guidance on steps you can take in your efforts.


Experiential and accelerated learning workshops on subjects that serve your purpose. Each workshop is designed or customised specifically for your organisational goals. Subjects can vary from teaching use or administration of IT tools to systems thinking and system transformations in organisational sculpting, roleplay and simulations.

Organisation and facilitation of group meetings

Open Space meetings, Retrospectives, and Scenario Planning have been in the recent Agile wavefront. We have experience with those. We are currently developing Think Tanks. And as with workshops, we can create more … if you will share what it is you want.

Systems (effectiveness) architecting

From 1996 I have focused mostly on gaining more change management and system effectiveness skills. I have applied those in several organisational settings, with success, and continue to do so.

Subjectivity is one of the ingredients that make a difference in my effectiveness as a systems architect. Subjectivity has to do with awareness. It includes both self-awareness and the capacity to gather information about persons and situations in the environment.

That is not to say I do not use objectivity. Objectivity has to do with manipulative faculties. It includes self-confidence and the capacity to build more skills and expanding my scope of manipulative participation with persons and situations. Objectivity helps me identify effective modes of dealing with situations without loosing sight of our business and team goals.

Leadership coaching

We don’t deal in “blame” and “guilt”. We don’t deal in “superiority” and “inferiority”. The meme we are participating in, deals with congruent leadership.

Congruent leadership cannot be taught in a workshop, unless it is highly experiential and respectful. Still, most leaders prefer learning more subjective leadership skills “on the job”.

We can coach you to work a whole lot less for a whole lot more, your team to actually become a team, for reviving your dreams, visions, passions, and possibilities, and your organisation, company or business, to reach the status of a truly creative process. Pick what suits your unique leadership purpose and challenge.

In short

If you wish yourself and your organisation to really become more effective, contact me.

  • This blog contains posts on skills to attain the status of response able professional and on what I find by the side of the road on my journey to discover what services are currently worth giving, and who might want what can be given.

    You’ll also find blogs on systems thinking and the ability to sustain cognitive dissonance for growth (but not infinitely), on the art of living, and the ability to work with humans in congruent ways that bring contentment and happiness.

    This blog does not contain any information that would give away strategies, tactics, knowledge and private information of my clients and customers.

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