Things said about Nynke

Humor – Wisdom and perceptiveness

Nynke is one of the wisest and most perceptive systems thinkers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, blending “hard” and “soft” thought with a delicious dash of humor that transforms theory into digestible practice.

Gerald M. Weinberg, author & independent consultant, 1999

Negotiation – Business sensitive clues

Business coaching when I remember my experiences with Nynke in this, is a specific client and product based coaching in real business life surroundings when for instance, negotiating is called for (in my situation: when already being involved with a very difficult client or customer). She did not put me off by saying: “Yes, you should have had a contract…”, or: “It is very hard to start a company when you are artist…”, but gave some useful hints and “business-sensitive” clues, analyzing the situation in deep, being a very fine eye opener and in fact as such functioning as a human backup in the business operation I am in. Another result of this is that I feel a positive outlook on future projects.

Anjez Winkler, Siteweb Poetic Artist Web Development, May, 2000

Creativity – Possibilities and technical know how

Nynke’s creativity matches her significant technical know how. A natural systems-thinker she sees possibilities that respect people and spark new uses for technology. I heartily endorse consulting with Nynke.

Becky Winant, CEO, April 5, 2004

Innovative creator – See what’s *really* happening

Nynke is one of the few people you’ll meet who will impress you as a truly innovative creator! She calls herself a “disruption artist” and while that’s true, you can think of her as someone who will lift you up to high altitude where you can see what’s *really* happening — and where to go from here.

Rick Brenner, May 11, 2004

Test – Without depriving me of choice or responsibility

When you hear someone described as “influential”, that usually means mere power or authority. Nynke is an influential person in the truer sense of the word: her advice and ideas had an influence – subtle but deep and beneficial – on how I view the world and conduct my life, without depriving me of choice or responsibility. I can think of no better test for an advisor or consultant.

Laurent Bossavit, May 12, 2004

Workshops – Shaking up preconceived notions

I worked with Nynke on facilitating a workshop and was very impressed with her abilities and style. If you expect to have some of your preconceived notions shaken up a little (but in a nice way) then you won’t be disappointed.

Phil Stubbington, Manager, May 19, 2004

Perspectives – Opening spaces for thinking and moving

Nynke is a true systems thinker. She sees connections that are deep and meaningful. I worked with Nynke while she was at Bell Labs. Our common interest was retrospectives. Nynke can see connections among disparate parts of a system. That includes both technical systems and people systems.

Pat Sciacca, OD mentor and independent consultant, May 22, 2004

Teaching – Coaching each other through osmosis

I believe Nynke is a great teacher. You may not even be aware she is teaching you something. We coach each other through osmosis – by working alongside each other. She helped me resolve some of my leadership issues, and is an excellent meta-facilitator – highly recommended if you want to become a better facilitator and/or leader.

Willem van den Ende, September 22, 2005

Understanding – The best consultant a business could desire

Nynke Etk Fokma is the best consultant a business could desire. Not only is she a delight, she’s really great at understanding me and what I do, and at figuring out what I need. This may sound simple but because I am such an innovator in my field, it isn’t. Because Nynke is at home on the edge of chaos and is so perceptive and knowledgeable, she is able to find, suggest and select the very best cutting edge tools and solutions for me and my business.

Lynne Azpeitia, January 25, 2006

Active listening and encouragement

Since my meeting Nynke and our discussions that have ensued, it seems I’ve found my place at my company and in the universe at large. I feel peaceful, balanced, happy, valued and rewarded. I feel I can make a difference, and more often than before, I sense I do make a difference. Nynke’s warm, active listening and her words of encouragement have made me feel better about myself when I needed it. In many ways she’s inspired me to do the same in turn with others when I felt I could.

Emmanuel Gaillot, February 8, 2007

Building bridges

A technological bridge builder. A free spirit that can provide your system a new way of looking at the way they connect.

Stephen Buckbee, Owner, BDD Training Associates, May 21, 2008

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