Nynke Etk Fokma

Nynke at kiviksgraven - European Consultants Camp 2008

Nynke at kiviksgraven - European Consultants Camp 2008

Nynke Etk Fokma is an accomplished system architect. Responding to curiosity, changing circumstances, and opportunities for exploration that presented themselves, she has also held roles as programmer, canteen employee, car mechanic, professional care-giver, systems administrator, factory worker, biology teacher in a high school, and co-founder and CSO of a Valley start-up. In recent years she developed a second and parallel main career as coach/facilitator.

Dutch by birth, Nynke got herself degrees in biophysics, information technology, mathematics and teaching, in a follow-yer-nose (want-to-know) and/or effective-for-manifestation (handy-to-have) strategy, as she went along.

She began her professional and entrepreneurial life running a bar, practicing systems architecture in collaboration with Dada Data, and writing as independent IT journalist, to pay for her studies.

Work as a system architect soon took her from the Netherlands to the US where she practiced her art for QC in Integrity Arts. Curiosity took her to meet Jerry Weinberg at his workshop Problem Solving Leadership. Having been raised a Montessorian and fully satisfied that this experiential learning was something that she, and her customers and clients would benefit from, she followed that up with Congruent Changeshop, System Effectiveness Management, and a yearlong Satir Training.

That same insatiable curiosity made her abandon independence again for a while to accept a position as internal consultant/facilitator/systems architect in Bell Labs to try out some of the newly developed skills “for real”. She developed, tested and rolled out a retrospective service for Lucent technologies worldwide, together with Pat Sciacca.

Since 2000 Nynke runs a one-woman business named Moebius, registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce # KvK 24300065. Moebius is intended as an innovative coaching and facilitation business, supporting the emergence of new paradigms and technology that break co-dependency dances and free the way for creative excellence.

From 2002 until 2004 she co-founded and served InterRaven with E.K de Jong and Philip Thunder Panther Trice, a Valley startup that intended to leverage small players in value networks.

Visiting many disciplines, working professionally as a systems architect and lateral thinker, and studying Systems Thinking, Satir work, Druidry and Sweet Medicine Wheels, increased her understanding of resources and the constraints resources create, as well as the knowledge and ability to find what to add to resources in order to extend previously perceived limitations and boundaries.

Wish to know more?

Read “Things said about Nynke“, download my CV (Dutch) or Resume (English), view my profile on LinkedIn, or contact me.

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