Shaping Power

August 1, 2007 § Leave a comment

By focusing on the atom, mankind unleashed it’s power. We can do the same thing in every system (everything is alive and nothing is) when we step through the portal to our core to shape our power: strengths, innovations, achievements, resources, natural values, compelling stories, hopes and wishes, passion, dreams, experiences.


8.2 The Toroidal Electron

Space is envisioned as a superfluidic medium, nonviscous, relatively frictionless, massless and continuous. It can be modeled as a particulate superfluid with average interaction spacing of L. Essentially, this is a new definition of the aether.1 The electron is postulated as a toroidal (i.e., donut shaped) ring. The ring with a radius of R and a cross section of r, rotates with a velocity of c, the speed of light. The ring (or more properly the toroid) also rotates within itself around the cross-section with radius r. The electron’s electric charge and associated electrostatic field properties can be shown to be a result of the two rotations of the ring on it axis and cross-section.

Brainstorming …

What if surface temperature oscillations in liquids are due to repetitive formation and dissipation of toroidal type of convection vertices?

What if we as observer are part of the system and the wave functions collapse?

What if, when we observe, the vortex becomes stable during irradiation, even when the irradiation is constantly maintained?

What if nonmodulated waves can produce a relaxation-type temperature oscillation in liquids with a relatively high stability of the period between surface-temperature spikes during irradiation?


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