Why investigate system responses?

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Bow and arrow

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Humans and collectives thereof can be perceived to use one of four ways of dealing with aiming for and shooting at targets. Depending on what product is required of a system to solve a particular problem, we need to pick one of these aiming and shooting stances as agreed upon way of getting “somewhere” and we also need such awareness for each and every problem or obstacle we will meet underway.

This is an associative teaching tool …

How to make an organisational map?

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Topography of the primary motor cortex, on an ...

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  • Make an organisational chart
  • Develop representative data for risks
  • Cognitive map making

Loosen up that brain tissue by adding human and cultural dimensions.

Between land and water

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This article is part of a worst case scenario planning story.

Delta’s, marshes, swamps and bogs are very important as carbon sinks (stores, area’s of retention) because they have the potential to store carbon infinitely. Some mosses and plants do not decompose because of the wet, airless, acidic conditions, and plants keeps on growing, raising the level of the bog. These areas are also fantastic places for wildlife and home to many wyrdly rare and endangered species.

Marshes 1

Marshes 1

On a global scale, swamps, delta’s, marshes and bogs could be under threat.

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