Is this a pounce opportunity?

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In general, opportunity statements can be used as foundation for operations. If you believe there is no opportunity, maybe best to re-evaluate your market instead, or re-evaluate your product/service.

If you are building un-finished products to be customised and fitted for particular contexts, like we are in Satir Workshops, and/or if you plan on licensing your product, this will only work if your ally is able to use it to compete more successfully. And an opportunity statement can be helpful for introducing an opportunity to a potential ally. Moreover, understanding of requirements of competitors can be used to look for fitting allies in the landscape.

The following questions guide me in gathering the necessary information for creating a short and powerful opportunity statement

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Virginia Satir, an internationally acclaimed author, teacher and therapist, developed a universal approach to systems that has allowed her concepts and techniques to be among the most useful and dynamic approaches for increasing leader effectiveness.
What it can do for you and your business?

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