Preludes to a relativistic theory of gravitation

November 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell

The special theory of relativity had its origin in the development of electrodynamics. The mechanical theory of gravitation and the field theory of electrodynamics were based on the same concepts of space and time. The two theories were also fundamentally different and thus did not contradict each other.

Sadly, they were no longer compatible when Maxwell’s theory eliminated action at a distance from the realms of electrodynamics, and the Lorentz transformations ruled out action at a distance from the whole of physics, by depriving time and space of their absolute character.

Newton’s theory of gravitation is co-variant with respect to Galilean transformations, but not with respect to Lorentz transformations.

The theory of gravitation had to be changed into a relativistic field theory.

Rutabagas of a quiet past in a stormy present

May 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

By the turn of the twentieth century scientific group think was in an impasse. The branch of physics that was most developed as an experimental science was Galilean-Newtonian mechanics.

The law of inertia

Bodies when removed from interaction with other bodies will continue in their states of rest or straight line uniform motion. In other words, the motion of such bodies is unaccelerated.

Supposedly, the laws of mechanics take the same form in all inertial systems, that is, in all those coordinate systems which can be obtained by subjecting any one inertial system to arbitrary Galilean transformations.

All mechanistic branches, such as the theory of elastic bodies and hydrodynamics, or the mechanics of rigid bodies, can be deduced from the mechanics of free mass points by introducing suitable energies and by carrying out certain limiting processes.

Enter fields …

Scientists are Finally Understanding Hot Fusion

September 1, 2007 § 3 Comments

Some scientific groups, including the Max Plan...

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Some scientists at the esteemed Max Planck Institute have just cracked one of the thorniest unsolved questions about electricity. It may have powerful applications.New Scientist reports that ball lightning — the mysterious form of energy sometimes seen during thunderstorms — has been created in the lab.

Technically, they call it “luminous plasma clouds” — but if it looks like a duck and quacks like one …

Shaping Power

August 1, 2007 § Leave a comment

By focusing on the atom, mankind unleashed it’s power. We can do the same thing in every system (everything is alive and nothing is) when we step through the portal to our core to shape our power: strengths, innovations, achievements, resources, natural values, compelling stories, hopes and wishes, passion, dreams, experiences.

Shake some preconceived notions?

Conversation between Ira and Nynke on that cat!

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Schrödinger's Cat: awake or asleep, which?

Image by RBerteig via Flickr

Ira: What rings true for me is a theory I have been percolating for several years: physics is the study of human consciousness projected onto the “physical world”, disguised as the study of The Physical World.

I couldn’t agree more. We find what we are looking for, most of the time …

The Thing

May 14, 2006 § 1 Comment

By Donnali

By Donnali

Can awareness bridge uncertain “quantum” natures of
… “a thing” …
with the more deterministic perspectives of consciousness?

Awareness and consciousness seem to readily get muddled in people’s minds. They do in mine. To unmuddle, we can perceive awareness existing at a core quantum level. In doing so, we do need the relations with the other two, consciousness and mind, in order to exist in congruence. Awareness seems to shape consciousness and mind in ways I don’t fully understand (yet)

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