Satir Workshops a razor blade business?

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A heavy duty style safety razor. This is a fun...

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Only a few companies have ever been successful selling one product or service into one market for its entire existence. When prices drop, or the market is saturated, or the economy comes to a grinding halt, usually new markets or new products or services are sought. Alternatively, revenues can also be increased by selling a series of related products and services. The razor and blades approach.

The razor and blades model is the concept of either giving away a salable item for nothing or charging an extremely low price to generate a continual market for another, generally disposable, item.

Satir Workshops uses the razor blade business model

Lightning bolts and party time

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Small Mountain

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Having worked in a team of mortals that were elevated by a God to the mountain of a huuuge world, and then being sent out into the mortal world to do this God’s bidding, I know a lot less time and energy goes into creating lightning bolts than in manifesting wishes (of my customers) on Earth.

It requires the art of living and the ability to use human assets in the kind of healthy way that brings contentment and happiness.

Scratch that itch!

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Cover of "The Cathedral and the Bazaar: M...

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Many business people seem to believe that open source software is not “professional,” e.g. that it is more prone to fail than closed software. Take a trip into the past … read about reliability of open-source software in “The Cathedral and the Bazaar“.

The cathedral and the Bazaar paper was behind Netscape’s innovative decision to take its client software open source. It describes a bazaar style of software development strategy that depends on open source and leads to high reliability and quality

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