Lightning bolts and party time

August 1, 2007 § 2 Comments

Small Mountain

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Having worked in a team of mortals that were elevated by a God to the mountain of a huuuge world, and then being sent out into the mortal world to do this God’s bidding, I know a lot less time and energy goes into creating lightning bolts than in manifesting wishes (of my customers) on Earth.

It requires the art of living and the ability to use human assets in the kind of healthy way that brings contentment and happiness.

Rewriting the Beowulf

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Cover of "The Heart Aroused : Poetry and ...

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Thunder Panther: I’ve been pondering the Beowulf story in this regard. There is a cool book ‘Grendel’, from the perspective of … that being/fellow. And I liked the recent movie. And the discussion of the poem in David Whyte’s book “The Heart Aroused: Poetry and Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America.”
I’m thinking Grendel’s mother is like a wild thing, a force of nature, and the local king and folks are like, normal.

Reread our rewrite

Conversation between Ira and Nynke on that cat!

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Schrödinger's Cat: awake or asleep, which?

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Ira: What rings true for me is a theory I have been percolating for several years: physics is the study of human consciousness projected onto the “physical world”, disguised as the study of The Physical World.

I couldn’t agree more. We find what we are looking for, most of the time …

Preventing creative constipation

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Hot Crap

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I enjoyed Dave Pollard’s article Nobody Really Cares About the Creative Class. In particular I liked …

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