Cold fusion experiment reproduced? Now what?

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Dr Who

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Hypothetically, near-room-temperature reactions in which two smaller nuclei join together to form a single larger nucleus while releasing large amounts of energy are possible. This hypothesis has been (maybe still is) highly controversial.

Reproducibility is one of the main principles of the scientific method, and it refers to the ability of a test or experiment to be accurately reproduced by someone else working independently. Attempts to replicate the Pons and Fleischmann experiment produced conflicting results. Until “now” that is. Italian scientists claim to have demonstrated cold fusion. And patented.

It looks like producing relatively nonpolluting fusion energy in quantity at any temperature is near. What is likely to happen?

Gateway ceremonies

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Let’s use the analogy of a bubble, an economic bubble. Every dream sphere is like a bubble that is full of scraps of paper with symbols on it [money], thoughts, and ideas. The bubble itself, the container of the dream, is the image.

An economic bubble, sometimes referred to as a speculative bubble, a market bubble, a price bubble, a financial bubble, or a speculative mania, is …

Robbing the bank, and the people

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Combination of four currency symbols

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There is no logic in coping with banking interests, which are dooming the world economy. Usury has to be abolished: it helps centralize power in the hands of a few while destroying the middle-class slowly on, and keeps the developing world enslaved.

The root cause of this very disaster is mere ignorance and disinformation, linked to political manipulation of our financial markets, worldwide.

Some tricksters are not so funny?

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Political ponerologists, bankers, and con men are not insane. Nor are their victims. And the systemics of such games isn’t hard to see.

Bankers, political ponerologists and con men show you what they do, they show you their cards are marked, and that you’ll be playing with their deck. They tell you what they are. Really, they do.

Credit bubble systems diagram

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Credit Bubble Diagram of Effects (DOE)

Credit Bubble Diagram of Effects (DOE)

Effects and interventions …

Can we protect ourselves from dark liquidity?

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A key person asked me, “Is there any way for us to protect ourselves against dark liquidity?” after “dark liquidity” was written.

“Dark liquidity” lists a number of clues from deepcaster that we can use. This is just my stream on a more detailed possible initial approach to protect ourselves, whilst adding in some other matters and possible impacts of globalisation

Dark Liquidity

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World map showing inflation, updated for 2009....

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What if “dark liquidity” (off-exchange) crossing platforms were introduced in European economies?
Any investors risk evaluation is a function of counterparty risk.

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