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Human Rights

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Corporations have constraints. Supposedly, those constraints would limit most abuses such as low wages, environmental disasters, monopolistic Muhhahahaaa!-I’m-conquering-the-world plots, and such expressions of self interest at the expense of others and contexts. There are exceptions, but overall it works.

The recent information released through Wikileaks and other such sites, seem to indicate these exceptions are the general case.
Are the constraints wishful thinking? Truisms?

Scenario planning resources

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Flowing Systems

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Information resources on:

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Scenario planning process

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How to whittle the virtually infinite number of possible futures that could be described down to a manageable three or four plots that will shed the most light on possible (Exodus) futures?
Determine decision focus, brainstorm key factors, pre-determine elements and apply systems thinking to discover the name of our game and write compelling stories

Pre-determined elements

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Seeking wisdom for whittling the virtually infinite number of possible futures that could be described, down to a manageable three or four plots that will shed the most light on our futures, in the context of a scenario planning can be done by survey. So I did a survey and asked people to respond. What key forces seem inevitable or pre-determined?
Results of my survey?

Exodus key factors

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This key factor brainstorming revolves around identifying driving forces and key trends for an Exodus from the War-and-Work Machine scenario planning to illustrate the scenario planning process/choreography.
What are the possible futures for the global system if and when a world-wide Exodus takes place?

Deductive scenario logics

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On the deductive path, we prioritise the Key Factors in order to find the two most critical uncertainties. Those then are placed in a 2×2 scenario matrix. The rest of the key forces come back when fleshing out the scenarios in rich compelling plots.

Inductive scenario logics

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The inductive approach to scenario planning is very unsystematic and calls for a degree of creativity and imagination.
Brainstorm different changes and/or official future deviations …

Credit bubble systems diagram

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Credit Bubble Diagram of Effects (DOE)

Credit Bubble Diagram of Effects (DOE)

Effects and interventions …

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