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Flowing Systems

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The Last Mile

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Currently perceived situation: It is not going to happen quickly.

Why not?

Great innovations that help the world

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Do you wish to be recognized for a great innovation that helps the world?

Then do not have only MDD (model and routine driven development) drive your business. Steer from imagination while adjusting course (and finetuning the map) by reflecting on and learning from encountered obstacles.

Allow me to burst MDD bubbles …

Transparent measurements

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In No Trust without Transparency , (link sent me by Marc Evers, Thanks!) I read:

Transparency is the antidote to requests for big planning upfront. Transparency offers project managers the ability to do risk management through the project life time. If you aren’t reporting cumulative flow, or burn down or burn up, or (gulp) earned value, every day to every stakeholder then you aren’t embracing the core foundation of agile development techniques – high trust.

From my consulting experiences: nakedness and transparency can work wonders

Time for IT Evolution

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The evolution of sense is, in a sense, the evolution of nonsense. — Vladimir Nabokov

The development characteristics of traditional companies create a tight coupling of products and or services to company resources deployed in a series of multiple overlays; multiple managers and projects for each product or service and resource overlay; and organisational structures made up of groups performing similar functions.

Specific management departments have their own proprietary approach to company management and this creates multiple administrative domains with poor interoperability between them …

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