Business context analysis

October 31, 2009 § 1 Comment

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The current state affects our ability to actually manifest the course we plotted to the treasure island we have envisioned and charted. The begin state of an open-ended-planning-with-feedback-loops-and-obstacle-and-pitfall-avoidance. A company in debt, with IP problems, poor trust, toxic politics, or not enough people will have to take a different course than one that does not have such problems.

When analysing a currently perceived state, make sure to note and emphasize positive elements, because those make it easier to implement certain commercialisation strategies and/or adapt the plan based on new feedback.

The below questions are examples. Not all questions may be fitting for your specific context and purpose.

Commercialisation experience

What products has your firm/company/business/organisation/division/department/project actively been involved with commercialising?
What revenues resulted?


Who are current investors, strategic allies, owners and/or partners with your firm/company/business/organisation/division/department/project?
To what degree are they satisfied with your performance?

Intellectual property

If you are commercialising a licensed-in product or service, what constraints are imposed by the terms and conditions of the license? Is it exclusive? non-exclusive?
If the technology is developed in-house, do you have clear title to the intellectual property or are there estranged co-inventors?
Have you publicly disclosed information about the technology and failed to protect it in time? From whom?


Do you have commercial customers? For what product or service? How is your firm/company/business/organisation/division/department/project perceived by these customers?


How is your financial health?
What % of your company’s revenue comes from sales of R&D services?
What % of your company’s revenue is associated with each product/service you offer?

Management/business form

Do you have a multi-functional management team or do you function as a sole proprietorship?
Do you have any active Boards? Directors? Advisors?
How would you rate the overall performance of people by functional area?
Do you have more businesses?

New product development

How effective are you at transitioning from R&D to manufacturing, production, or a licensee?
Do you screen new R&D initiatives?

Business functions

Indicate the length of time your firm/company/business/organisation/division/department/project has had differentiated functions for manufacturing, marketing and sales, customer service, research and development.

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