May the Force be with me!

October 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

The Fool

Image by ξωαŋ ThΦt via Flickr

Just a controlled folly conversation with an old acquaintance over Twitter on the dangers of doing laundry, ironing and dishes …

nynke_etk: @Terrebelius You okay?

Terrebelius: @nynke_etk Yep. Just finished 2 washloads of ironing and now making notes for tonights blogpiece. After that studying for a casting 2morrow.

nynke_etk: @Terrebelius Ironing? O Gosh. And for tomorrow … Break a leg!

Terrebelius: @nynke_etk I happen to find ironing meditative…and thanks!

nynke_etk: @Terrebelius I use doing dishes as kinethetic meditation …

Terrebelius: @nynke_etk I just don’t have enough dirty dishes to perform the task…

nynke_etk: @Terrebelius I’ll try ironing for a change … I do have one. And a board.

Terrebelius: @nynke_etk An iron is essential. A board is not. Let me know if it works for you!

nynke_etk: @Terrebelius Well, with ironing at least I can’t hurt myself like I did when I moved back here and the washbasin was smaller …

Terrebelius: @nynke_etk Autsch!

nynke_etk: @Terrebelius Didn’t hurt, not really. That came later. But it was quite funny, all the blood, and the ambulance and how people reacted.

Terrebelius: @nynke_etk You sure you where not high on andrenalin and all the other stuff in the brain that make pain something funny?

nynke_etk: @Terrebelius The lady from the ambulance told me the adrenalin was coming out of my ears …

Terrebelius: @nynke_etk Good stuff eh? And free too! All you need to do to get it is endure some pain…

nynke_etk: @Terrebelius Felt nothing after the short pang of glass in my pulse that made me look. Had 2 surgeries. Not painful either. Therapy was tho.

Terrebelius: @nynke_etk Nothing wrong with a healthy dose of therapy. Nice band too…

nynke_etk: Thanks! RT @Terrebelius: Was just in need of a tune like this. TY @TeatroBar: “Manu Chao – Mr. Bobby (via @Gh3nd3r)” ♫

nynke_etk: @Terrebelius Did you break a leg?

nynke_etk: @Terrebelius Yes, if it weren’t for the physiotherapy, I’d have a bit of a claw. The tendons were shorter, of course. That too was funny :))

nynke_etk: @Terrebelius So indeed, mayB ironing will work better as kinezetic meditatsjon. By the way, how hot does an iron get? arnd? Mine is 80’s …

Terrebelius: @nynke_etk I won’t like to check how hot my iron gets. My previous one gave nice blue sparks when plugged in so bought new one for E10,-

nynke_etk: Certainly true for kinedethic meditation ways! RT @YesInterviews: As we advance in life we learn the limits of our abilities.

nynke_etk: @Terrebelius {thriller sounds in background, and getting louder} To Blokker today, to buy an iron. {stop thriller sounds in background}

Terrebelius: @nynke_etk Don’t pay more than E30, It’s not worth it. It’s the action itself that counts and not the de-creasing of shirts and the likes.

Terrebelius: @nynke_etk You can do it! May the iron force be with you …


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