Pre-determined elements

September 25, 2009 § 2 Comments

Seeking wisdom for whittling the virtually infinite number of possible futures that could be described, down to a manageable three or four plots that will shed the most light on our futures, in the context of a scenario planning can be done by survey. So I did a survey and asked people to respond. What key forces seem inevitable or pre-determined?

Results of my survey

Thank you!

Much appreciated all that wish to remain nameless, and thank you Detlef Piers:

you missed to put the choice of expecting major natural disaster (else than the fake global warming). i think, that most points in Q.3 (even, if i marked them) will be cut short by major world wide disaster.

Nynke: I had several that may be underestimated like “methane pockets releases”, but have added a “major natural catastrophy” in the survey.


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