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This key factor brainstorming revolves around identifying driving forces and key trends for an Exodus from the War-and-Work Machine scenario planning to illustrate the scenario planning process/choreography.

  • What are the possible futures for the global system if and when a world-wide Exodus takes place?
  • What are our own possible futures if and when a system collapse takes place?
  • What do we see in the future (time frame: the next ten years)?

Addition of markers

If you add or come across key forces that seem inevitable or pre-determined (trends already in the pipeline that are unlikely to vary significantly in any of the scenarios), please add a ^ behind it.

If you add or come across forces that are most likely to define or significantly change the nature or direction of the scenarios (we are uncertain of its outcome, and it is important to the purpose of our scenario planning), please add > symbols behind what you believe are the five most critical uncertainties, with the least critical of your 5 chosen most critical uncertainties being given an additional > behind it, the next critical uncertainty >> … up to the most critical uncertainty >>>>>.

Social forces

  • Overpopulation
  • Increasing crime rates
  • The masses really don’t want to join us!
  • Feralisation of Weaver Birds
  • Movies more explicit with regard to sex, language and violence
  • Increasing discontent and antagonism with banks and bankers
  • Decline in importance of “marriage”
  • “Families” diminish in importance
  • Schools become hubs in communities
  • Kids spend more and more time in school becoming “model” citizens
  • More sex without reproduction
  • Blending of all religions
  • Diminishing importance of religion
  • Access to affordable medical care becoming harder
  • School based clinics (contraception, birth control, population control)
  • Tax funded abortion
  • Increased use of euthanasia and “demise pill”

Technological forces

  • Internet grows
  • Lack of security in Web 2.0 applications
  • Open source grows
  • Development of surveillance equipment, RFID implants, webcam, teleconferencing/chatting
  • Cloning, genetic manipulation, and in vitro fertilisation
  • Free energy
  • “Things” are made to last less and less/quality decrease
  • Private doctors/physicians become more like “highly skilled technicians”
  • Weather control

Economic forces

  • Falling disposable income
  • Increased inflation
  • Higher taxes on everything
  • Speculation on basic needs by bankers and financial institutions
  • Increasing distrust/resentment between banks and bankers
  • Population shifts towards the Sun Belt
  • National identities are de-emphasised
  • Increase in “Drug Jungles” and “Slums”
  • Bankruptcy laws change
  • Anti trust laws change or are interpreted differently
  • Relaxing gambling laws
  • Increasing control over medicine and health care (Codex Alimentarius)
  • Less home owners, more tenants
  • Increasing global interdependence with world-wide specialisation
  • First world becomes strong in information, communication, high end technology, education and agriculture
  • Second world becomes “heavy industry”
  • Third world become “weaver birds” (Grin)
  • Increasing competition within controlled circumstances
  • Financial control
  • New industry “residential security” appears
  • Increasing inflation
  • Governments get into gambling (more state lotteries)

Environmental forces

  • Methane pockets release gas in a chain reaction
  • Increasing pollution
  • Increasing air humidity
  • More and more extreme weather
  • Increasing food control
  • Increasing pollution
  • New and difficult to diagnose and untreatable diseases appear
  • Little ice age starts

Political forces

  • New population control laws governing who can have children
  • Rewriting of history (revision of key words)
  • Some books disappear from libraries
  • Less dissent and critical judgement of individuals
  • Psychology increasingly in the service of politics for the manipulation of others
  • Break-down of conservatism
  • Relaxing gambling laws
  • Pushing and directing “evolution” through the education system
  • Attempts at increasing control over knowledge and information

Other Key factors

  • More women at work
  • Emergence of China and Africa as economic powers
  • Changing values
  • Increased nomadic approach to development and life globally
  • Travel restrictions

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