Some tricksters are not so funny?

October 29, 2008 § 1 Comment

Political ponerologists, bankers, and con men are not insane. Nor are their victims. And the systemics of such games isn’t hard to see.

Bankers, political ponerologists and con men show you what they do, they show you their cards are marked, and that you’ll be playing with their deck. They tell you what they are. Really, they do.

They make money when business or economy declines, when it is built up again, perhaps even when things work well, and when business collapses. When it collapses they complete their business by buying it all up with other people’s monies, and selling it all to themselves for even less. And the cycle starts anew …

It’s not about monies for them. It’s about the kick of “pulling it off”. About winning. About putting their dicks on the table. Or in it, whatever the “it” is. It is simply an addiction to “domination”. And potential victims can easily be recognized too.

They are either gullible twats suffering from metanoia or … Grinning, they nudge each other, thinking of themselves as terribly smart guys that they can do business with this guy. They throw away their money and/or time and energy. They believe that they are operating on the cutting edge (labia). Instead, they are walking to the slaughterhouse like meek lambs, driven by hope, just like in metanoia, and basically, get screwed from behind. Each time around.

Applied at our current economy

The problems of hedge funds are clearly the result of some mysterious ripples in the universe, and have nothing to do whatsoever with greed, arrogance, and (un)intended ignorance.

The hedge fund and bank executives may have made mistakes … – sorry, may have made “well-intended risk assessments” that, upon closer investigation and in hindsight, may have come down to mistakes – but apparently these “occurred” while they were busy correcting “fundamental systemic errors” of previously executed funding and business. And, of course, the hedge funds and bank executives do not run the risks. We all do, through bail-outs.

Oooops! How unexpected …

Nobody shows any regret, because no one has done anything “wrong”; these “bad” things just originate from a creepy, chilly, geometrical “elsewhere”, and it is just a pity these things are happening. “Free will”, or so they claim, does not exist.

… there was only an “index arbitrage” fund that was still making profits. These are basically computer algorithms that work on the indices.

Look when the market has a tough time, only these programs will be trading. And we can expect other silent weapons to appear. Then again, I may be called paranoia.

Correcting the creation, supply and circulation of money

Joe Nocera wrote in So when will banks give loans:

… In point of fact, the dirty little secret of the banking industry is that it has no intention of using the money to make new loans. But this executive was the first insider who’s been indiscreet enough to say it within earshot of a journalist.

It is starting to appear as if one of Treasury’s key rationales for the recapitalization program — namely, that it will cause banks to start lending again — is a fig leaf, Treasury’s version of the weapons of mass destruction …

None of us think it is funny (or fair) that many of us are now struggling to keep our homes, and our families, together, while bankers, political ponerologists, and con men, grow fat on profits and golden shakes and chutes.

None of these problems will disappear until we correct the creation, supply and circulation of money. Once the money problem is solved, everything else will fall into place.

Many alternatives are possible

Margrit Kennedy:

Money allows the exchange of goods and services and, in doing so, becomes one of the most ingenious inventions of humankind.

However, few people understand how money functions. If they did understand, we would have a quite different monetary system immediately – one which would bring more social justice, better opportunities for a healthy environment and higher stability of currencies. Dealing with this subject is really worthwhile.

For instance in the Brakteaten system, if you hold value in a currency that will be taken out of circulation by local government and replaced with a currency that’s 75% of the original value every year, you can always choose to spend it before it ’s value is reduced on other goods that are of value like furniture, art, your family … Either way, value you hold is quite quickly returned to the existing economic ecology in a manifested form. Brakteaten: “For while monied wealth could not accumulate, real wealth was created.”

Likewise, credit created by a local government would not need to recover the monies from people by way of taxes, and there would be no interest attached to inflate the cost. Public work completed with credit from a local government is the asset that replaces the money created when the work is finished. Period.


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