How to become more fully inhumane

May 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

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To achieve this enlightened goal you need to become codependent. Codependence involves reacting to life from a polarized belief system.

Essential for achieving this state is practicing black and white thinking. We’ve all been raised to know “good” from “bad” or “wrong”, so that’s a good starting point. You can perhaps use gender differences like “male energy” and “female energy”. And as a techie we have the advantage for we are used to binary thinking, “0” and “1”, “nothing” and “all”. And if all fails, we can get into using “objectivity” and “subjectivity”.

Discover your “imperfections”

Next step is to use black and white thinking to discover where exactly you are “imperfect”.

Example: If you are a female you must be all “receptive and nurturing” and not have any “male energy”. You are to know nothing. You are highly subjective and all you have to say must be discarded as such. You must be submissive in inner identity, and you must love manifesting dreams of others. You only have the power-to-do, and are an angel in disguise.

You do know something??? You can Think??? You have your own dreams to manifest??? There, you are imperfect. You are defective, unworthy and unlovable.

Example: If you are a male you must be all “protective and money making” and not have any “female energy”. You are to know everything. You must remain objective at all times. You can only get in touch with your feelings if you hold power over a domain and others in it. That which you hold power over are the only things you love, and it is tough love.

You don’t know everything??? You practice the art of living??? Enjoy beauty as is??? There, you are imperfect. You are defective, unworthy and unlovable.

You’re not there more fully yet

The next step is to build an emotional defense system (to try) to protect yourself from the pain and shame of feeling your core self is defective, unworthy and unlovable. This defense system is your codependency. Men, you are to feel “guilty”. Women, you are to feel “inferior”. Now, suppress those feelings, forget, so they can rule you invisibly, and move on to the test.

Acceptance test for “more fully inhumane”

In agile we believe in test driven development. So here are some acceptance tests to check if you sufficiently made it to “more fully inhumane”:

Test: Are you blaming them or blaming yourself? Either is okay.

Test: Are you overreacting or never responding? Either is fine and will do.


Post “bug reports” below as comments, and I shall see what I can do to support you in refactoring your system to become even “more fully inhumane”.

P.S. Tip for on a company scale

Polarization of a company can be done simply by disconnecting executive management from the system and implementing blocks for real life social connection making between employees in the system, or making sure each departments budget is shorter than tight (and some even shorter than that) while increasing expected workload. Then follow up on that by executive managers throwing a party for themselves off-site to celebrate success or receiving some large bonuses. If the system doesn’t successfully polarize with this strategy, it could cause middle management to fail, but that’s about the worst it would do …


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