How to best kill your creativity the fastest

May 20, 2008 § 1 Comment

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First of all, you have to give away your power. To a guru, to a manager, a “strong man”, an authority figure who knows what he is doing. Really, you have to invite micro-management to be attracted to you, so you are constantly watched. You’ve been raised to be a “good girl” or a “good boy” who doesn’t cause trouble. So, whatever you do, don’t make waves, cause trouble, or disrupt the “peace”. Be a bit of a nincompoop and fool, so you will be hovered over by your “superiors”.

Under constant observation, the risk-taking creative urge quickly goes underground and hides …

Over-empower others

Doubt yourself and make everyone else happy! Over-empower others by looking for approval and validation from them, instead of getting it from yourself. Our society doesn’t validate your high sensitivity, so learn to doubt all of yourself. When you constantly have to worry about how you are doing, you will ignore satisfaction with your own accomplishments. An additional advantage of this strategy is that it gives other people the power to hurt you, and that keeps the cycle of over-empowering others well in place.

Rewarding environment

If and when you perceive a strong urge to feel some satisfaction with your accomplishments, go work in a rewarding environment. Meaning, an environment where management works with an excessive use of prizes and bonuses, for it will deprive you of the intrinsic pleasure of your creative activity.

Better still, choose a competitive hierarchical environment

Choosing such environments is either a habit, or you’re engaged in unconscious patterns of behavior with other persons. Either way, it’s a proven way of successfully killing your creative energy. In win-lose situations where only one person can come out on top you can negate your own choreography and the timing you normally progress at. These competitive timings are much better.

Even better still, win with micro-management

To ultimately win this killer game, choose an over-controlling hierarchical environment, with micro management that constantly tells you how to do things. This often leaves you feeling like your originality is a mistake (of course it is!) and any exploration a waste of time (you already knew that too!) and helps you forget that you do know what you’re doing, and that you are good at what you do. Getting energetically “mixed up” with other people by not staying in your own energy, or letting other people take over your energetic space, is a sure, sure killer. Guaranteed success. At no risk at all.

Get mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records

If you are really, really into that competition thing and wish to enter the “Guinness book of records”, check that the environment that you choose also restricts your choices sufficiently. When you are told which activities you should engage in, instead of following where your curiosity and passion leads, you even more restrict active exploration and experimentation that might lead to creative discovery and effective production. Fearing confrontations, while trying to take care of others will work wonders! If the superficial level is quiet and peaceful, you will feel much, much better.


And finally, the cherry on top, don’t forget the power of “deadlines” and pressure put on you by management. May your management establish grandiose expectations for your performance, for this often instills aversion for a subject or activity. And when the expectations are unreasonably high, you might even be able to pressure yourself into performing and conforming within strictly prescribed guidelines. You may need some help from medication to pull this one off. I have heard that Ritalin, Adderal, Dexedrine and Cylert deliver some great results. Aversion as well as such medication of course add to the already deterred experimentation, exploration, and innovation. For optimal controlled folly, make sure the expectations put on you are well beyond your developmental capabilities. That’s not hard, as the authorities are clueless to begin with.

In short

Allow other people to run your life, or try to run other people’s lives, and you will be a tremendous success at roleplaying the perfect fool by killing your own creativity, and possibly those of others too!


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