Everybody knows …

April 15, 2008 § 1 Comment

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Regularly I encounter people that use an “Appeal to Popularity” in ret(h)orics.

  • Most people approve of X (have favorable emotions towards X).
  • Therefore X is true


“Everybody knows that the Gulf Stream is responsible for keeping Europe anomalously warm.”
“Proof” of fallacy: This is a myth.

My subjective account of my passion is mythical when I don’t know why I do something, or don’t really know and pretend to be knowledgeable on a subject. Myths are stories about divine beings, or fallacies, or gulf streams for that matter, generally arranged in a coherent system; revered as true and sacred; endorsed by rulers, priests,  and/or scientists, and closely linked to religion or science. Myths are memes.

Sometimes we come across the “Popularity Fallacy” as “Consensus Truth”.  And people that like dualism can then discuss “Fundamental Truth vs Consensus Truth”. Philosophy after all, is fun!

Does truth really exist?

Is truth not more of a concept than a reality?

I am not sure that truth exists (apart from some personal wyrd experiences that I remember happened “in the moment”). We talk about truth and refer to it all the time, perhaps even see it as a virtue, or imagine there is a path leading to it based on some “morality” or “logic” that will lead us to some “holiness” or “correctness” of sorts. Do we really walk this path? When do we stray from the truth? When do we commit fallacies?

When we exaggerate, when insincerely apologizing or complimenting, when remaining silent and/or inactive when we ought to speak out or take action (keep that promise we made or live up to a sacred contract), when saying Santa Claus exists, or when asked how we are doing and then replying, “I’m okay and you?” when we really don’t feel that okay and don’t care about how the other person is really doing, when we say “thank you for your kind explanation” when we are being talked down to and have something explained to us we already know or know more about … and those are merely some untruths for “social lubrication”!

We spend most of our lives in a fog of make-believe, in a world with ongoing religious fighting, advertising hypes and technology waves, deceptions, denials, secrets, and concealments. Why persist in a belief in truth, when not many of us seem to use it as a much valued currency?

Everybody Knows …

Everybody knows that having knowledge about the fallacies does not lead to clarity of mind.

It leads to lots of Folly. Not Controlled Folly


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  • Middle Way says:

    Dualities are myths which are told to the young because they need simply ideas. The truth is that reality is between the dualities…. the real world is more complicated because it is never completely fair or unfair, happy or sad. Below is my reinterpretation of the Middle Way, which is what Buddha taught.

    When you realize that nothing in the real world is 100% good or 100% bad, then you can begin to see that “Reality is Between the Dualities”.

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