The Last Mile

October 19, 2007 § 1 Comment

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Currently perceived situation: It is not going to happen quickly.


The most important reason for the general failure of free city Wi-Fi is that it could seriously compete with Mobile operators.

  • Prototypes of handheld VoIP phones with Wi-Fi connectivity are being tested and used, and would cost something around 10 euro per month for unlimited use. That’s major competition for Mobile operators.
  • And a threat for (local) governments in terms of collectable taxes.

Besides that, is it desirable with the current technologies to make the last mile happen (yet)?

Is Wi-Fi dangerous?

Both Wi-Fi as well as Mobile seem to have some serious drawbacks and effects on our physical health. Has it been researched enough? What underlying technology do our handheld devices use?

  • Wi-Fi technology is similar to mobile phone masts – the radiation Wi-Fi emits is similar, and the effects of mobile phone masts have been thoroughly investigated and based on that research some precautionary measures were taken.
  • The continued spread of mobile telephony could be of serious concern, because a relationship between electromagnetic fields radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) radiation and adverse health effects at low intensity exposures could exist.
  • Dangers I found listed in scientific literature are chromosome damage, impact on concentration capacity, decrease in short term memory, and number of cancer incidents going up.

Covering the last mile

So what would be needed, assuming desired situation is “covering the last mile”?

  • Technology that is no threat to our health
  • A value stream map that includes (local) governments and current service providers. Because we seem to be forgetting some stakeholders.
  • What is also required is a value stream map that includes the (potential) users, or else we will have the great gift of potentially covering the last mile yet not meeting customer demand, an excellent example of the zorro-movement. The way out/in?
    • Non-invasive technologies to begin with
    • Guaranteed privacy protection
    • Offering choices, not shoving a last mile solution down customer throats in a co-dependency dance


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