Great innovations that help the world

September 20, 2007 § Leave a comment

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Do you wish to be recognized for a great innovation that helps the world?

Then do not have only MDD (model and routine driven development) drive your business. Steer from imagination while adjusting course (and finetuning the map) by reflecting on and learning from encountered obstacles.

The Grid

Allow me to burst the bubble that that will lead to higher quality of anything in the world: Quality is not improved primarily by adherence to what was once named IBM’s Process Grid (G.M. Weinberg, SQM part I):

  • process methodologies
  • tools
  • change control
  • data gathering
  • communication and use of data
  • goal setting
  • quality focus
  • customer focus
  • technical awareness

All of these items are important, but let us not have our entire businesses and ventures be driven only by these, because the set suffers from a major blind spot. One that the entire IT industry suffers from: Lack of true reflection on and taking response-ability for the team and business/organisation.

With 100% objective masculine energy, an organisation can get locked within itself, producing a variety of psychological stresses and symptoms, failing to reach the status of a truly creative process. For envisioning: kingdoms in kingdoms in kingdoms, all fighting at the borders of their domains.

More balanced organisations use socially supported channels of feeling and action, and the ability to use human assets in the kind of healthy way that brings contentment and happiness, resulting in a better and more adaptive creativity and productivity of the business/organisation.

We wish to improve matters for everyone. And wish to win! Now that I call Ambition.


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