Lightning bolts and party time

August 1, 2007 § 2 Comments

Small Mountain

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Having worked in a team of mortals that were elevated by a God to the mountain of a huuuge world, and then being sent out into the mortal world to do this God’s bidding, I know a lot less time and energy goes into creating lightning bolts than in manifesting wishes (of my customers) on Earth.

I also noticed how these Gods had nu clue as to these time and energy differences, for they wished to protect only their own time and energy, and learning what actually happens with and for mortals will take a lot of their time and energy. And heaven forbid if they were to ever find out the truth and see those mere mortals in the mirror. Of course, they used “deliberate distractions” (party time, quiet time, or whatever tickled their fancy) to not have to know/hear and see.

System metaphor

And as Gods do, not knowing why when their wishes do not manifest instantly, they stamp their feet angrily, and kill a bunch of mortals, preferably by lightning.

We had a human legacy problem too. For many of the mortals believed the Gods were wise, or at least feared them enough to believe their wishes were important. As important as their lives.

Exceed customer expectations

The mortals were given 5 values by the Gods, that were sent down the mountain, written in stone. One of the values was “exceed customer expectations”.

I asked a God, “exceed customer expectations”? I propose to “meet customer expectations” first, then perhaps exceed those. And where can I find one of these mythical beings called “customers” anyway? I ain’t never seen one, not on this mountain, nor in the places you have sent me to … Knowing verification and validation to usually be important when meeting and exceeding expectations, shall I go on an expedition to find us one of these mythical beings?

That had not been the intent, and no, that wasn’t necessary

Apparently this particular God had not been in front of the line when brains were handed out, they must have been out when it finally was his turn. He didn’t seem to get what I was saying.

At first I thought “perhaps it is that there is less oxygen this high up?” After asking more questions I came to the conclusion that perhaps he too had never actually met a customer … meaning he was protecting a belief of his own, just like mortals were, for whatever reason. Perhaps he believed Gods are the only ones that could create lightning bolts? Perhaps there was a higher God than him?

Or maybe he believed unbalanced types are more creative in quality, since the sustaining of imbalance is essential to their well defined inner identity as God(s). In that case I could share a pattern: Unless an individual can reach balance, his inner identity remains locked within himself, producing a variety of psychological stresses and symptoms, and thus fails to reach the status of a truly creative process.

Going down the mountain

Whatever it was, I am Okay, and I determined to go down the mountain to live some on Earth. Too much partying at the expense of mortals going on up there, and I did not wish to be a party to that. I reach out to mortality. And, most importantly … from way up on that mountain I could neither see nor hear customer wishes … if customers truly existed.

I left my cushy job, much to the surprise of my colleagues (except my mentor Pat Sciacca), and I did find customers, and with a little help from open source software and being shown how to use it, “customers” enjoyed creating their own lightning bolts. And it wasn’t just the joy of creativity, those self-made lightning bolts served the by the customers intended self-realisation purposes much better than anything I or anybody else could have come up with.

Effect on services

I can only work with CEO’s and managers that wish to reach out to subjectivity. Unbalanced types, at their best, excel in independence and the ability to sustain psychological growth goals while throwing lightning at their folk. At minimum, wishing for balance, is a pre-requisite.

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