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August 20, 2006 § Leave a comment

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I am again bubbling about the benefits of blogging. This article was originally written August 2006, and it could do with some refinement, so I did. It was refined on April 30 2009.

I’ve been blogging and trying out several tools over the past few years (5 different blogs!) The writing folded in in itself. These are some benefits I noticed.

Blogging relaxes and reduces stress

When I write an entry, I don’t have to carry that what I have written about, inside me. It helps me to “let-go” of some things. I noticed this effect through a looking-glass, when it was enhanced by Willem setting up back-ups to back-up our server. My blog has truly become my journal. By blogging, I give myself a powerful form of self-expression, and through that expression I can gain clarity, release, and relief. And sometimes that takes me rewriting an entry several times.

Blogging supports self-reflection, setting intent and proper discernment

By blogging I can actually see and better understand what I need and want, my wishes, my beliefs (what little I have left, that I need to maintain a meaning and purpose in my life), and how I felt over time. That helps me create the space for myself to keep practicing the five freedoms.

By taking time for myself to blog, I can feel the gain from doing something specifically for myself. And what I write about regularly (re)appears in other contexts of my life as I have that time I have spent on myself in my inner backpack, and everywhere I journey to. And when I blog and when I don’t are all tell-tale signs of my choreography and path. It makes me a dead give-away.

Blogging supports understanding and acceptance of self, life, and others

As Virginia Satir said, “Because I reflect on all of me, I can become intimately acquainted with me. And by so doing, I can love me and be friendly with all my parts. I am Okay. ” Whether I re-read my journal or not, I already gain benefits from just writing down my story in the moment. I am writing about how I see and experience self, life and others. I can see my thoughts as scribbles on a screen, as electrical discharges and electron flows, and as my fingers punching the keys, as commandments from my body that make me wonder.

It can help keep things organised

Even if a calendar is not available, journaling about what I want to do and manifest for a single day, a season, a choreography, a year, a customer …

A blog can help maintain focus

Writing a blog entry co-creates more personal awareness for me, and therefore more focus on issues that are really important to me. Improving self, and cooperation with others. I also play MMPORG games for that. I like to win. Most of all, I like developing a self with some competition.

A blog provides the freedom to fold time

I can write an entry now, I don’t have to write one tomorrow, or the day after. I can pick it up in a week, in a month. I can even choose to skip a season or two. It is my blog! And I can pay attention to the strongest attraction energy in whatever space I am engaged in, in the flow. Aligned with chaos.

Also, I can link earlier written stories to newer stories and vv. My ping backs ping forward at times. And duplex doors are quite common in my blog too.

Blog entries create records for tracking arcs of a life’s path

Being so busy with serendipity because I have a curious mind, know that everything is connected, and I always seem to come across the wyrdest people and things, I hardly pay attention to the route I am taking on “a map”. Writing entries, I record my experiences, dreams, ideas, hopes and wishes, thoughts and more, for reflecting on past, now, and future. I am telling my stories to myself, and create a mind map for myself.

Retrospecting using my blog entries, I increase my awareness of the past and transform lessons I learned, to support a happier and more humorous and hopeful future for myself, life, and others.

As I journal the times of my life, certain things can keep re-appearing. I can gather some idea of what is working in my life and what is not. With this externalized memory in hand it is much easier to see patterns, changes, and shifts. I ask myself what Jerry taught me to ask, “What do I want to keep or change in, or remove from my back pack?“ Works for me!

Putting it all together, with my blog I track my personal growth and 5 freedoms. My blog is a wonderful tool that increases my understanding of myself, life, and others. Being some kind of mirror memory, it can be a real Treasure Trove for me.

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