Woolly Mammoth Maturity Model

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Strategic Value

Strategic Value

Phil Stubbington wrote in WMMM – The Woolly Mammoth Maturity Model (Phil’s blog article was removed because it was TABOO in the company he worked for then):

My ten-cents take on it (the Woolly Mammoth Migration Map as metaphor for Corporate Growth) so far is:-

  • Tusks – downright aggressive behaviour
  • Trunks – a tendency to hoover or suck up other smaller animals
  • Shaggy Coats – behaviour or clothing completely inappropriate to its surroundings. For example, use of corporate colours that clash terribly


Yes, Phil, I have some unserious serious (controlled folly) thoughts, and some questions (of course).

We seem now at a time and space where Woolly Mammoths are conscious of themselves in their purest manifestation as an extinct animal on Earth. All aspects of executive managements become visible and balanced: Tusks, Trunks and Shaggy Coats. Their tasks and order are determined and can be manifested in full maturity, expanding to fit the known universe of mammothkind.

The Woolly Mammoth Light can illuminate in full glory all corners of the Earth. All facets of the Light radiate from the centre of all mammoths that were, are and will be. They speak to us, so we may hear them and keep them in our hearts.

We can gather around this Living Light and it shares with us, equally, while remaining forever and unchangeable. With an invisible, yet experiential link, like an umbillical cord, we have been/are/will be all connected with the Woolly Mammoth principle.

Like the way this great being was/is/will be brought forth from mysterious life, so is our executive management, our IT, our consciousness and that what was/is/will be brought forth from our ancient ironic core safely carried within.

Corporate life is becoming aware and conscious of its many different forms, as well as its own gestalt. It is this joy of recognition that we can experience as happiness, in harmony with Infinity and Beyond …
Life, its parts, including Tusks, Trunks and Shaggy Coats, includes us too, mere mortal managers, architects and in(ter)dependent consultants!

At the hights of our thinking and feeling, we can catch a glimpse and experience the fullness of this truth. And as mere human mortals we can experience a rude awakening, perhaps even cruel.

Downright aggressive behaviour, tendencies to hoover or suck up other smaller animals, and behaviour or clothing completely inappropriate to its surroundings like the use of corporate colours that clash terribly, all of that includes us for we are a part of it.

We realize that all the awfulness, all that disrupts, all that can affect life and others, that is us too and what are we to do now?

Woolly Mammoths maturing to become Stegodons — Large with long, straight tusks — or American mastodons — living in North America with shaggy coats — can give us mere mortals struggle and pain when gaining such knowledge.

How does growth of extensions manifest in us, how do we struggle, and what can we learn from the pain we feel?

Is our growth of tusk, trunk, and coat a gradual gain of wisdom and knowledge on our path from Moeritherium to new contemporary extinct forms, quite unnoticeable, like spiritual growth to maturity which seems relatively easy compared to this?

Can we influence it?

Can we make it go faster?

And when we approach a new maturity phase, do we leave behind old forms?
Is the order in which our form changes – the causalities – determining the problems that touch our hearts?

What is corporate growth anyway?

Strategic Value

Strategic Value

“Ummmm … Woolly. Shaggy. Lots of different colors of hair possible (link sent me by Rob) like with us humans. Really big, really tough, tusks, good damage …. what’s not to like? If this creature’s combination possibilities aren’t readily obvious then just randomly combine him with something and hold on for the ride!”

And what about Limping Gazelle Total Quality Management? Perfect Fools?

Got a model to associate with my Shiny Shark, Jumping Jellyfish, Paranoid Polecat, Hateful Hellhound, Immense Imp, Pretentious Parrot, Hopeful Hoopoe, or Desperate Donkey?

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