Expressing our selves

May 22, 2006 § 1 Comment

When we don’t dance the Five Freedoms, insecurities rule our life.

When we don’t dance the Five Freedoms, insecurities rule our life.

When we find it difficult to reflect on our feelings we are likely to express our unresolved emotions in thoughtless actions, or we may hide in super-rational stances, to deny our emotions life, and to be heard by us. Only judged emotions that are considered safe can be expressed.

Unresolved emotions can be expressed in many ways, for example in poetry, music, and art. If we feel reluctant to share such work with others, we probably have an unconscious feeling of guilt. Our fear is preventing us from seeing and showing our true Self. We possess deep, inner knowledge, and are afraid to live and/or express it because we fear judgment from our selves and others.

When we are conscious of such awarenesses, we can come to our own aid. For example, we can (learn to) express our selves with our entire personality, while we (learn to) be in true silence and listening to others with open heart and understanding.

Our speech will become imaginative and colorful, and our voices full and melodious (again). We can say “No” if that is what we truly want to say. We do not let our selves be defined by other people’s perceptions, we maintain our independence, freedom, and self-determination. We receive guidance from our inner voice. And we can freely pass on the knowledge of what we learned to others without fear of (re)actions and conflicting opinions from others. We can dance the Five Freedoms of Virginia Satir, and more …


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