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If we want to put our code in the future in a congruent way, that’s Okay. To increase likelihood of success, we can choose our shooting and aiming stances to fit self, life, and other. Many, more interesting stances than “missionary” are possible.

If we want to manipulate everything according to our own wishes and desires and control our inner and outer world as much as possible, we likely conquer and exercise power driven by inner restlessness and unhappiness. This decreases our chances of success tremendously.

To effectively deny the from having less success resulting feelings of inadequacy and shortcomings, we can choose to keep our selves busy. By all means, and whatever we do, let’s not “let go and relax” to connect with our soft strengths in life: the “fluffy bunny” stuff.

A great way to keep busy to avoid is learning (about) and practicing the 48 laws of power. Major Laws we can hone our change artistry skills with. If all else fails when playing these least regret games, at least we get a major skill increase in mental aikido.

Keeping busy can also result in increased material well-being. And if this well-being becomes too important, we can become unbalanced and end up with outer richess, material wealth, around an empty shell. For more possible effects of this choice see (un)balanced actions.

We probably see unhappy endings at every turn, and eventually may stop seeing all around us.

If instead we accept our selves believing We are Okay, we can respect feelings and characters of others, as well as accept our own feelings, experiences, and hopes and wishes, leading to peace within, peace between, and peace among: (w)holeness of being and balanced richness, material and spiritual. We can see all around us.


Seeing around us and accepting self, life (Earth) and others as they are, does not mean being bound for eternity. We can accept an “other” for how they have chosen to act, yet at the same time no longer wish to have a relationship with that same “other”. When we intuit, verify, and validate that a relationship acts too unbalanced for our taste, we can leave.

We do not have to take on problems from or for someone else, if we do not want to. Learnings in mental aikido can teach us proper mirroring so that if and when an “other” insists (with perfect self-importance and intellectual arrogance) on Us Making It So, we can choose to mirror and not take on any karma creation.

We constantly make choices.

The wine and glasses that so mysteriously appeared spontaneously during the Unprepared Session at the recent Agile Open 2006 unconference, may have had a good reason for doing so. They were wished for. Apparently we connected to the energy of light in all things, and attracted everything we were in search of our selves: relaxation with a good glass of wine and vibrating silence.

Having the wine and glasses appear did require some internal and external control and manipulation from Raphael and my self. I used, for example, my two feet and hands to bring the wine from the car to the table, and Raphael manipulated, among other parts, his feet, hands, and voice to get permission from the bartender inside to drink our own stuff instead of buying theirs, and on top of that, he got us their wine glasses to drink our own stuff from. All on their terrace.

Yes of course we tipped the bartender later.


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