May 19, 2006 § Leave a comment

 Life is not worth living on ice. Simple.

Life is not worth living on ice. Simple.

Many of us grew up in religious homes, and if not directly, our cultures are drenched with religious values. Our parents may or may not have withheld public displays of sensuality and sexuality. In avoidance of possible sensual and sexual indications, we may not have experienced and/or have been stimulated (to learn) the soft strengths in life, like tenderly touching, caressing, and displaying affection with/to others. Under hard and tough circumstances people tend to withdraw their antennas.

When we do that, when puberty comes, we can block off developing healthy sexual energies. Such suppressed desires attack our self-esteem, and may even create emotional stillness and sexual coldness.

Knowing this, (re)cognizing this, the hard part of the work has already been done. We can choose to experiment with intervening in our own (lack of) happiness in safe settings (and we determine for our selves when and where that is) and choose to open our selves up towards others (again), in particular others of the “opposite” sex. We can learn the dance of creation and enjoy the flow of energies these dances can create in us.


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