(Un)balanced actions

May 18, 2006 § 1 Comment


If our thoughts and actions revolve around material possessions and security, and we overdo indulgence in sensual pleasures such as particular foods, alcohol, movies, and sex, we clearly want our desires to manifest without consideration of consequences. For our inability to let go of such single minded interests tends to manifest itself in the form of constipation and gaining weight. Perhaps even overweight.

If our actions revolve around satisfying our personal needs in a single minded way, we unconsciously overlook or ignore needs of self, life and others.

By attending our personal needs we ignore our personal needs? Duh?

This seeming paradox can quickly be understood when we get un-entangled about what our true needs are, like good health, enough relaxation, and a balanced and harmonious life.

When overlooking self, life and others they are likely to challenge us. We try to avoid being challenged by “them”. And if and when we actually are challenged, we become irritated, upset, aggressive, and can even develop a tendency to enforce our will upon others. In reality, this aggression can hide defense mechanisms hiding lack of trust … hiding fears of loosing the false sense of security and well-being we so carefully built up.

Of course, when becoming aware of being part of a system behaving unbalanced (incongruent) in a particular context, and feeling no longer certain we can effectively balance self, life and others in that particular context — if only because of our non-intervention rules, we can choose to not gain any possessions from that system. Not eat anything that could remotely be associated with it. And possibly end up underweight or with no weight at all, if we don’t find other food, and perhaps some good wine (or beer) now and then.

We can choose to burn the entire Tree and renew our selves for finding/cocreating a better fitting context. It is not so hard to turn this unbalancing spiral around for our selves. This spiral creates many unnecessary worries, and we can readily flip these for resolving/dissolving our physical and emotional blocks created in the less fitting context. For example by developing a deep, personal relationship with Nature that roots us in life on Earth.


Even when cutting down a tree, or burning it, its roots remain unharmed and can provide renewal. Our lives can once again become filled with happiness, joy and inner strength, providing stability for self, life and others. Our actions will be guided by the desire to be creatively active in shaping life on planet Earth, and planet Earth as a shelter and secure place. We become grateful for all life on Earth, and wouldn’t dream of running the risk of destroying the entire sandbox by letting our unbalanced actions roam free.


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