The Thing

May 14, 2006 § 1 Comment

By Donnali

By Donnali

Can awareness bridge uncertain “quantum” natures of
… “a thing” …
with the more deterministic perspectives of consciousness?

Awareness and consciousness seem to readily get muddled in people’s minds. They do in mine. To unmuddle, we can perceive awareness existing at a core quantum level. In doing so, we do need the relations with the other two, consciousness and mind, in order to exist in congruence. Awareness seems to shape consciousness and mind in ways I don’t fully understand (yet).

What the bleep do we know?

New perceptions can apparently shape new awarenesses. Meaning, our awarenesses are constantly changing. Continuously dying as it were.

When do particular awarenesses continue to thrive after having
“leaped” into a new context, be that a multiverse, an other brain, or
a thought cloud, as Pascal put it so beautifully during the
Thinking for a Change session at Agile Open 2006?

A gathering of quantum connections would not have memory and could only settle in states where it can persist alive. And it seems to be these awarenesses that can actually give rise to past life experiences to learn from in the now. For instance, childhood experiences may change memory and fantasy into reality.

What if awareness of “a thing” can leap because of brain fantasies on “it”?

If awarenesses are created by complex correlations and feedback loops, then these loops, when having leapt into a more fully connected “thing” might be more efficient then the loop that existed before, creating a strong sense of connections and “re-cognition” in the present. We have choices to make, and lots of verification and validation to do.


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