Preventing creative constipation

November 29, 2005 § Leave a comment

Hot Crap

Image by Editor B via Flickr

I enjoyed Dave Pollard’s article Nobody Really Cares About the Creative Class. In particular I liked:

“So as a result, most jobs in large organizations are jobs:

  • selling crap
  • making crap
  • fixing crap
  • blocking customers who complain about crap from getting their money back or getting through to management
  • finding people and outsourcerers who will do the above crap jobs cheaper
  • lobbying politicians to prevent people who are creative from competing with them, and to prevent people from suing them for their crap”

I quite agree, which is why I went independent, plus that I followed a worthy vision. On this journey alone, I:

  • made my own crap, scripting some back-ends for websites
  • fixed my own crap
  • made it look attractive, quite an art in and of itself
  • found some customers that were constipated (or perhaps anal retentive)
  • sold my own crap (I prefer not to sell crap before I have produced it)
  • could not find others that would do it cheaper than what I was doing it for
  • learned mental aikido to make sure aggressive competitors would end up sitting in their own crap



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