Accelerated learning

July 21, 2005 § 1 Comment

Day 14 - Visual Representation of a Reading List

Image by margolove via Flickr

We are just beginning to discover the virtually limitless Human capacities of the human mind — Educational psychologist Dr. Jean Houston. THE KEY TO THE 21ST CENTURY — PSYCHOLOGY MAGAZINE

What is often referred to as “accelerated learning” is a methodology which has its roots in the work of Dr. Georgi Lozanov at the University of Sophia in Bulgaria in the mid fifties. The traditional Lozanov method distinguishes six steps:

  1. Getting rid of limiting beliefs about our capacity to learn
  2. Relaxing for easier absorption of information
  3. Creating a mental map of what is to be learned
  4. Dramatic reading of material to be learned
  5. Listening to the material, aided by calming music
  6. Integrating material by activating our inner child that learns so rapidly and effortlessly

Who is already using accelerated learning?

Universities world-wide; All Finnish schools; City of Chicago schools; Shell; General Motors; Hilton Hotels; Many government agencies; UNESCO; and …

We Are!


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